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Worksheet 6.1: 30-ish 60-ish, and 90-ish day Implementation Status Check-ins (ATSI, TSI, CSI, MRI)

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    Planning & Development > Plan for Implementation
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    ATSI Schools, CSI Student Group Schools, CSI/MRI Graduation Rate Schools, CSI/MRI Low Performance Schools, TSI Schools

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This worksheet is designed to provide the School Core Team an opportunity to reflect on progress toward accomplishing Critical Actions, and meeting Progress Indicators, and measuring the impact on student outcomes. Specifically:

  • At 3 scheduled Implementation Status Check-ins, the School Core Team meets in person to reflect on progress toward accomplishing 90-day Plan Desired Outcome(s).
  • In considering evidence of progress toward 90-day Plan Desired Outcome(s), School Core Teams will focus on student outcome data, as well as the Progress Indicator data to meet the Desired Outcome.
  • Given the current student outcome data and Progress Indicator data, identify any necessary 90-day Plan adjustments, resources, and required district support.