Title slide for the Learning Modules welcome videoThe New Mexico Public Education Department (NM PED) believes that every student has the ability to succeed in their future college, career, or civic endeavors, and that every New Mexico school has the potential to prepare them to do so. As part of New Mexico Rising, New Mexico‚Äôs state plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), all New Mexico schools will implement an improvement system designed to increase student outcomes through a focus on the levers of school instructional leadership led by a strong and diverse School Core Team. 

To support schools, NM PED has developed the New Mexico School DASH (Data, Accountability, Sustainability, and High Achievement). NM DASH includes three important and interrelated parts: 1) the NM DASH Process Guide for Schools, 2) the NM DASH web-based Process Management Tool, and 3) the NM DASH Learning Modules, a set of self-paced modules that focus on student groups and strategic resource allocation.

Access the Learning Modules here. If you need access to Canvas, see instructions here.

You can also access the modules by clicking the learning modules icon in the left navigation of the NM DASH Process Management Tool.